Adam Sikora on Sun, 01 Mar 2009 00:35:25 +0100

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Re: level0.h missing

>> Do you have any suggestion how to resolve that error?
>> Is there anybody who was able to use pari library with C++ under Windows XP?
> What is the error exactly ?
> The problem with src/kernel/ix86/level0.h is already fixed in the SVN
> repository for both branchs.

I am trying to use PARI library in C++ program under Win XP.

I placed #include <pari.h> in the code and got a compiler error:
"../src/kernel/ix86/level0.h: No such file or directory."

The directory  "../src/kernel/ix86/" is listed among "include
directories" for the compiler.
There is asm0.h (mentioned by you) in that directory but no level0.h.
I downloaded and installed pari-2.3.4 just a few days ago.

-- Adam