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Re: What does rdivii do?

* ZerreZ [2009-02-07 15:33]:
> What exactly is rdivii doing?

You should have a look at the pari-testing branch (2.4.3, development),
available from our svn server: its documentation is way more
complete & accurate than everything that's available for 'stable'.

[ I understand it's confusing: in an ideal world, everything should be
tested in 'testing' then backported to 'stable' once mature. But I do
not have the time for this; in practice, 'stable' really means 'stale'. ]

> As far as I can tell its an alias for rdiviiz which calls divrr.
> But what operation does it perform?

(15:39) gp > ???rdivii@

Chapter 5:
  Division with integral operands and \typ{REAL} result

(15:39) gp > ??"Division with integral operands and \typ{REAL} result"@5
Division with integral operands and t_REAL result:


GEN  rdivii(GEN  x,   GEN y,  long prec),  assuming x and y are both of type
t_INT, return the quotient x/y as a t_REAL of precision prec.

Do you need more details ?


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