Justin Sweeney on Thu, 05 Feb 2009 22:48:53 +0100

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Programming with PARI in C++


I am working on a project involving writing a program which uses PARI functions. The program is written in C++. One of the functions I am using is nextprime(x). I am having problems using this and other functions in the C program. Essentially, the compiler is expecting the variable 'x' in nextprime(x) to be a long int* and the function apparently returns a long int*. Does anyone know anything about passing variables to PARI functions in C, such as if they must be this type or if that can be changed? Also, if there is somewhere that I can read more about this, I would love to further my understanding of this issue. Sorry this is such a general question, I am just beginning to delve into this area. Thank you all!


Justin Sweeney
Trinity College Class of 2009
Mathematics and Computer Science