Max Alekseyev on Thu, 05 Feb 2009 16:32:07 +0100

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Re: solving Thue equation

On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 12:48 PM, Lars Fischer
<> wrote:
> Hello Max,
>> But what if I want to rely on GRH but not have such warnings?
>> If thue() is used multiple (say, thousand) times in the program, the
>> output becomes very messy because of this kind of warnings. It's quite
>> challenging to find meaningful output between useless warnings.
>> I understand that this warning is good to have by default but I'm
>> asking for a way to intentionally disable it.
> If your results are stored in a text file, you can use grep to filter out the
> warnings. For example (on one line):
> cat results.txt | grep -v "\*\*\* thue:" | grep -v "\*\*\* May miss"

Thanks for this workaround. Unfortunately, following the progress of
the gp script in this case becomes complicated (as it requires having
external log file and running tail -f | grep in parallel).
So, I'm still hoping to get the discussed functionality from gp. If it
does not exist - why not add another flag value to thueinit() which
will explicitly say that we want GRH but no warnings?