Olivier Ramare on Mon, 06 Aug 2007 10:27:06 +0200

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What dvi previewer is being used?

Dear all,

 I located pari-doc and installed it, yes, shame
on me for not locating it before, too many installations :-p

 A problem was left (solved below):
      the command ??primes under gp gives a newline
      and nothing else.

 I could not locate the environment variable that
decides of the previewer (non are given in man pages).

 (the problem of xdvi is with debian:

  /usr/bin/xdvi is a script that calls

  /usr/bin/xdvi.bin -> /etc/alternatives/xdvi.bin that calls

  /usr/bin/xdvi.real which doesn't exist,

  mended with :  ln -s xdvi-xaw.bin xdvi.real)

 Still, I would appreciate being able to use kdvi instead.
 Best !

I leave this message on this list in case anyone had/has
the same problem --