Joerg Arndt on Sat, 17 Jun 2006 12:15:49 +0200

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Re: Partitions question

* McLaughlin, James <> [Jun 17. 2006 11:25]:
> Is there a command in pari/gp that takes a positive integer and outputs a list
> of the un-restricted partitions?
> Failing that, does anyone have an efficient piece of code already worked out?

See section 5.6.2 "Iterative algorithm", pp.169ff of the fxtbook
URL is

The code can be found on the same page (fxt package),
it generates about 140 million partitions per
second on a AMD64, 2.2GHz (16 CPU cycles per update)

You can find more combinatorial algorithms in chapter 5, pp.155ff
Some of the implementations might be useful for inclusion
in pari/gp (e.g. a Gray code for permutations that needs less than
10 CPU cycles per update).

I'd appreciate any feedback on both the fxtbook and the code.