Michael Somos on Wed, 2 Oct 2002 17:04:18 -0400

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MPQS not cleaning up files

Pari users,

    For several months I had been puzzled by strange files which
appeared in my "/tmp" directory on rare occasions and I had not
even known which program was responsible. Here is an example :

-rw-------    1 somos    somos        7224 Jul 21 15:04 FNEW.614.15591
-rw-------    1 somos    somos      220962 Jul 21 15:04 FREL.614.15591
-rw-------    1 somos    somos        8055 Jul 21 15:04 LPNEW.614.15591
-rw-------    1 somos    somos      192510 Jul 21 15:04 LPREL.614.15591

After a simple google search (don't know why I didn't try that
right away) I discovered that these are from 'gp' in the 'mpqs.c'
module. Moreover, this is totally undocumented. I had no idea
that 'gp' was using these temp files. Probably, they appear when
I interrupted a long factorization. Shalom, Michael