Karim BELABAS on Tue, 29 Jun 1999 17:32:06 +0200 (MET DST)

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Hi all, there's a new update in


Mostly bugfixes (including documentation and man pages), plus some memory
optimizations. This distribution includes a (fledgling) TODO file.

I included the patch implementing Doud's algorithm to compute rational
torsion points of an elliptic curve (elltors()).



Done for version 2.0.16.beta (released 29/06/99):

    1- paricfg.tex (needed to compile INSTALL.tex) missing if Configure is 
       not run. Added a test in parimacro.tex
    2- non-portable casts in galconj.c
    3- 64-bit graph benches (extra spaces)
IZ  4- typos in plotgnuplot.c
    5- unnecessary plothsizes in "graph" bench (fails if no X server)
    6- typo in ff_poltype
IZ  7- check rectwindow in rectcopy and rectclip
IZ  8- /opt/local/lib missing in Configure's library path
IZ  9- [Math::Pari] needs pariErr->die _before_ pariErr->flush
IZ 10- wrong valence code for plotcolor, plotclip
IS 11- obscure inlining bug (pgcc 1.1.3 -O3) in stark.c:ComputeKernel0()
   12- gcc -E doesn't define __GNUC__. Add it explicitly to KERNELCPPFLAGS
   13- whatnow(sigmak) didn't tell the arguments have been swapped
   14- [1]~ * [[1]] --> SEGV
   15- lim=(av+ x * bot) >> y can overflow if large addresses are available
       (e.g Linux...). Use lim_stack() instead.
   16- algdep(I,1), lindep([I,1]) entered an infinite loop
   17- removed the maxHastad (= 50) limit in algdep/lindep
   18- typo in polrootspadic(,,1) --> SEGV
   19- GC not frequent enough in idealval
   20- in split_ideal (isprincipal), LLL-reduce first if ideal is big
   21- factorpadic(,,,1) didn't work anymore
   22- round 2 (= nfbasis(,2)) used too much memory
   23- idealval did not accept all types of ideals
GN 24- unsafe stack handling in auxdecomp
   25- polroots[mod|padic] returned a t_VEC, not a t_COL (as polroots)
   26- check coeffs of polynomials with coeffs in nf (rnf* functions)
   27- typos in polredabs0 (get_Bnf + nf_RAW in storeallpols)
BA 28- nfgaloisapply could forget to clean up the stack
   29- typo in gp_rl.c (rl_save_prompt <--> rl_restore_prompt)
DE 30- arch="sun4" non reconnu par Configure
   31- uninitialized variable (prec) in quadhilbertimag
IS 32- pari.el.in was not updated when gphelp was moved from miscdir to bindir
   33- rnfkummer(bnrinit(bnfinit(y^2-y-1),101,1),[1,0;0,2]) --> gerepile error
IZ 34- update gnuplot interface
      a) Strings were put too low in gnuplot terminal;
      b) Allow setting of output file sizes, as in plotterm("gif=300,200");
      c) Allow querying of possible output terminals, via plotterm("?").
      d) Update to newer Gnuplot-interface-layer (Gnuplot.h).
         allows compilation on Linux (stdout was bad as an initializer),
         corrects bugs in processing of terminal options.
   35- in buchall, allow minfsb to increase before doubling cbach
       (bnfinit(x^4+5*239*x^2+5*239^2) couldn't be computed)
   36- bnfnewprec can't handle bnf = bnfinit(,2) --> SEGV (now, error)
   37- typo in pseudorem (didn't recognize 0 properly)
GH 38- weird bugs in thue() on alpha: typo int <--> long in thue.c
   39- bnrisconductor assumed moduli had small norm (< VERYBIGINT)
   40- bnfnewprec didn't accept imaginary quadratic fields ("missing units")
   41- inefficiency in zarchstar (VERYBIGINT --> BIGINT)
       (rnfconductor(bnfinit(y^3+972*y-12),x^2+x+1) ran forever)
   42- too much memory used in rnfordmax (+ removed some inefficiencies)
   43- try to recover in nffactormod if input not prime (SEGV)
   44- SEGV in nffactormod if degree(pol) > 100
   45- factornf(p(x), q(x)) was accepted (and produced incorrect objects)
   46- nfisincl / nfisiso made use of the bug above
   47- subgrouplist(bnr) with trivial ray class group --> SEGV
   48- background color was assumed to be "white" (by gphelp and gp).
       Made it "transparent" by default.
   49- pages shifted by 1 in User's Manual's table of contents
   50- Mod(x, x^2+1) + x return Mod(2*x, x^2+1), not x + Mod(x,x^2+1)
       (fixed gadd, gmul, gdiv)
   51- for certain flag combinations buchrayall unsuitable for gerepileupto
       (+ cleaned up the code)
   52- ^C in smithclean corrupt existing objects
   53- silent overflow in qfbhclasso
   54- nfreducemodpr didn't check its arguments
   55- confusing error messages when precision too low in initell
   56- polx[0] modified in nfsubfields(P(y))
   57- various memory optimizations in bnrstark
   58- incorrect debugging output in calc_bloc (at \g6)
   59- rare memory corruption when garbage collecting in mppgcd
   60- type t_STR not treated correctly in changevar
   61- C-long overflow in ellan
   62- memory use in the incgam* functions
   63- bad input bug: qfperfection(indefinite matrix) --> SEGV
   64- mateigen dropped some eigenvectors when precision was too low

    1- err() --> parierr() [conflict with system library in Redhat 6.0]
    2- use Doud's algorithm in elltors [initial patch: HC]
    3- new (internal) function get_mul_table (for nfinit, padicff)
    4- disable LD_LIBRARY_PATH before running benches
    5- strtoGEN() --> strtoGENstr() + added flag
    6- optimized stack usage in pollardbrent (in place)
    7- don't try to compute units in buchrayall if bnf doesn't contain them
    8- simplified misc/gprc.* (esp. colors)
    9- use C long to keep track of exponent in regula
   10- src/kernel/sparcv7/level0.s --> level0.S + include preprocessing stuff
   11- extended matsnf flags: immediate cleanup (backward compatible)
   12- arguments swapped in veceint1
   13- allow @ markers (??keyword@) in extended help (was apropos only) 
   14- do all computations in mppgcd in place (as in Changed-6)
OR 15- new pari.el (cf emacs/pariemacs.txt)
   16- search multiple lines in apropos extended help (???key)

    1- make test duplicated the "make bench" computations. Removed the
       test and dotest targets
    2 -veceint1() function. Can be reached in library mode or using a flag to

    1- default 'secure'
    2- optional flag to Str().
    3- expand environment variables in filenames
    4- TODO file
    5- man page for gphelp
    6- Trivia section in the pari/gp man page
Karim Belabas                    email: Karim.Belabas@math.u-psud.fr
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