Karim BELABAS on Fri, 4 Jun 1999 13:13:38 +0200 (MET DST)

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Re: elltors

[John Cremona:]
> Thanks a lot for makeing a patch for elltors using Doud's code.
> I applied the patch, after unpacking 2.0.15 but before doing Configure
> or make.  But I get the following error:
> cc: Error: ../src/language/init.c, line 1377: In the initializer for functions_basic[120].value, "elltors0" is not declared. (undeclared)
> {"elltors",99,(void*)elltors0,5,"GD0,L,p"},
> ---------------------^

Actually, most of the work was done by Henri Cohen. Sorry for the screwed up
patch (Igor's solution in pari-dev-567 is correct, and I also forgot to
include the bench update in the patch...); I had to tamper with the diff by
hand which turned out not to be a Good Idea. We're trying to set up a CVS
server, which should make accessing an up-to-date version much easier than it
is now.

If our implementation of Doud's work turns out to be acceptable, I'll release
2.0.16 very soon.

> Also, why is it using cc instead of gcc, which Configure did find:

Because one the machines Configure was tested on, cc was much better than the
(oldish...) installed version of gcc. Various problems (often severe)
occured on OSF1 / AIX / HPUX, so by default, cc is used there even if gcc was


  env CC=/usr/local/bin/gcc Configure

(AS and DLLD are also used by Configure if they are set).

If it succeeds (it may) and produces a faster binary (it should...), let me
know and I'll check for gcc version before disabling it on alpha + OSF1.

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