Paul van Wamelen on Tue, 1 Jun 99 16:09:51 -0500

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idealval and galoisapply in 2.15

Dear Pari developers,

The following computes a set of representatives for the galois group
modulo the decomposition group for a prime above 11 in the 5'th roots
of unity. In version 2.14 it worked, in 2.15 it fails. Also, according
to the documentation, nfgaloisapply can take a prime ideal in primedec
form as a third argument. But gp gives an error message.

Paul van Wamelen.

bnf = bnfinit(polcyclo(5));
PPs = idealprimedec(bnf,11);\
P = idealmul(bnf,1,PPs[1]);\
gal = nfgaloisconj(bnf);\
GmodD = vector(length(PPs),k,0);\
   dum2 = nfgaloisapply(bnf,gal[i],P);\
     if(idealval(bnf,dum2,PPs[j]) == 1,\
       GmodD[j] = gal[i])));\