Ilya Zakharevich on Sat, 12 Dec 1998 15:25:46 -0500 (EST)

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Re: PARI translated to C

Karim BELABAS writes:
> I think your converter should be based on gphelp (or both should be based on
> the same master file).

I recall that PARI's gphelp is based on my gphelp ;-), as well as the

> The presubst() subroutine is very suitable for this
> for instance, no point in maintaining two different translators, one of which
> will never be up to date. It's trivial to modify gphelp so that it runs as a
> filter outputting special @x markers to indicate formatting/highlighting
> data (say, gphelp -raw)
> [ Right now, the following codes are used
> # We use the special char @ to transmit special sequences
> # @1=\e[1m (start bold mode)
> # @4=\e[4m (start underline mode)
> # @0=\e[m  (start normal mode)
> # @9=\n    (start program example)
> # @@=' '   (for ties a~b --> a@@b --> a b without line break)

This is good for conversion to low-level formatting, but POD is
high-level (in fact higher-level than TeX, as shows pod2latex ;-).