Ilya Zakharevich on Thu, 24 Sep 1998 13:58:20 -0400 (EDT)

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Re: nfields test (fwd)

Forwarded message:
> > What has this do with two extra 7s?
> Where do you see 2 extra 7s? In the input file (src/test/in/nfields), I have
> p2=x^5+3021*x^4-786303*x^3-6826636057*x^2-546603588746*x+3853890514072057
> hence the input
> ? p2=x^5+3021*x^4-786303*x^3-6826636057*x^2-546603588746*x+385389051407205
> 7 \\ 75th char wrapped
> is correct. Or am I missing something?

It was me who missed the fact that 7 is wrapped from the *input*
line.  Unfortunately, this breaks the converter PARI tests ===> Perl
interface tests.

> On the other hand, now I see something "wrong": the next line has been
> wrapped 4 characters too soon. This is due to the fact that "% = " (length 4)
> used to be input in front of the result... and has been removed in this
> last version (2.0.11, Changed 8). It's corrected in 2.0.12 (I don't think
> anybody needs a patch for this?).

Thanks, this may eventually simplify conversion of tests.