Igor Schein on Mon, 14 Sep 1998 17:13:02 -0400

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Polynomial factorization

Hi, I noticed that when you factor
polynomials, the factors are output
in non-sorted order.  In all other math packages,
they're sorted on polynomial degree.  And, since
I'm at it, I wanted to note that polynomial factorization
is not implemented very efficiently.  I ran some comparisons
between gp, kant/kash and simath.  gp comes out a clear loser,
which surprises me, because in all other aspects gp is
way faster than simath and comparable in speed to kant/kash.
So I was wondering, maybe there's a bug in gp implementation
which causes a performance degradation.  

In my testing I used mostly polynomial of form x^m-1, but
others show the same pattern as well.