Matias Atria (F. de Ciencias Depto Matematicas) on Fri, 29 May 1998 02:19:19 +0200

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"kill" and deallocating memory in GP.

Hi all,

I've found that the 'kill' function is almost unusable in recent versions of
PARI. After using it a couple of times I get a segment violation forcing me
to restart GP and loosing all the computations I've done before. Is this a
well known problem? Is there a fix? I can provide more information about the
situation if necessary.

Also, one of the reasons I use 'kill' so much is to make GP free some
memory. I have to compute matrices with several thousand entries and dump
them imediately to a file, so I don't need them to be held in memory for too
long (and I can't allocate too many megs for the PARI stack). Is there a
cleaner way of doing this? I'm not even sure the 'kill' function deallocates
any memory from the stack. Can one of the PARI gurus please enlighten me?