Karim Belabas on Sun, 22 Feb 1998 20:46:49 +0100

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pari-2.0.6 update


  here is yet another update:


No, it is not the BETA yet: too many things were changed / fixed in this
version (hopefully the next one...). Highlights:

* (too) many bugfixes (including all the ones discussed on the list)

* improvements to the HNF functions

* a *GEN type for install() (code '&')

* whatnow() is launched directly when an obsolete function is used.

Remember to drop me a line (better, mail it to the list!) if you build a GP
successfully on some system on which this version has not yet been tried (see
the MACHINES file).



PS: Recall that a DOS / OS2 / Win31 version for 2.0.5.alpha is now available
due to the nice work of Bruno Haible. When he has time to compile this one, it
will include the .gprc feature (as C:\_GPRC (or $HOME\_GPRC)).

PS2: A Win95 / WinNT version might soon be in order as well (without any
graphical gimmicks of course, just plain ol'GP running in a Windows shell).


Done for version 2.0.6.alpha (released 22/02/98):

  1- \x (voir2) did not always print the correct number of words
  2- in changevar, type POLMOD, modulus and polynomial were interchanged.
  3- all occurences of former header file names in the documentation
  4- (from 2.0.5. item C5) using allocatemem in a script aborted file reading.
  5- expanded the documentation for bnrrootnumber
  6- factor(pol. with rational non integer coeff) could corrupt the stack
  7- Euler gave wrong results when prec > 80502 digits (cleaned up Pi as well)
  8- cleaned up ggcd, grando0, tayl and factorpadic2.
  9- is_scalar_t --> is_const_t in gvar/gvar2
 10- Configure and example Makefile for OS/2 (Ilya Zakharevich)
 11- idealprincipal did not accept n x 1 matrices
 12- idealhnf(nf,a,b) did not work for quadratic fields
 13- matsolve[mod]([;],.) could corrupt the stack or accept incorrect input.
 14- modules/galois.c unnecessarily included <sys/stat.h> (BH)
 15- symbol name problem in level0asm.c (BH, cancels patch by IZ)
 16- fixes in stark.c (Xavier Roblot)
 17- cleaned all occurences of HIGHVALPBIT and HIGHEXPOBIT
 18- serconvol assumed main variable was "x"
 19- (x + O(x^2))^(3/2) gave a stupid error message
 20- types not checked correctly in gtoser
 21- check more seriously arguments to default()
 22- in Makefile: added some missing $(RM), changed an "ln -s" in $(LN)
 23- extra '\n' after print1 + sequence of warnings
 24- simplified a statement in addii()
 25- typo in classno() (classno(-200183): "division by 0") + cleaned classno
 26- all compiler warnings + most of lint's
 27- make install would not work anymore if emacs was not found
 28- HNF reduction not always complete when rank is small compared to dim
 29- gphelp -d did not handle ~ properly (+ cosmetic changes)

  1- unused files src/kernel/ix86/{asmi386.h,asmi386inline.h}
  2- useless macro gcopyifstack and global variable RAVYZARC
  3- useless error message gcder1
  4- useless (undocumented) function fasthnf

  1- simplified isonstack
  2- extended valid inputs for matsolvemod.
  3- don't output a '\n' before an empty matrix.
  4- mpsincos no longer static (so that it can be installed).
  5- reorganized gp_initrc() to cater for for non-UNIX arch.
  6- the "obsolete function" message now launches whatnow() directly.
     (and caters for the special cases "i" and "o" now).
  7- improved stack management in hnf/allhnfmod/fasthnf.
  8- moved powering functions to trans1.c
  9- disable logfile while reading .gprc
 10- (slightly) the output of whatnow()

  1- support for DOS build using EMX (dos directory + fixes) (Bruno Haible)
  2- function cotan() and bernfrac()
  3- a code for pointers (&) for analyzer and install().
  4- ??readline now includes info about completion and online help
Karim Belabas                          e-mail:
Max-Planck-Institut fuer Mathematik       karim@mpim-bonn.mpg.de
Gottfried-Claren-Str. 26               tel:
53225 Bonn (Germany)                      (00 49 228) 402-245

Karim Belabas                          e-mail:
Max-Planck-Institut fuer Mathematik       karim@mpim-bonn.mpg.de
Gottfried-Claren-Str. 26               tel:
53225 Bonn (Germany)                      (00 49 228) 402-245