Karim Belabas on Sat, 7 Feb 1998 18:48:36 +0100

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pari-2.0.5 update

Hi all,

  this is a rather technical update: Louis Granboulan sent me a _huge_ patch
reorganizing the PARI kernel (with few actual code modifications, but a LOT
of moving around). Architectures are now cleanly separated from each other (a
la gmp), and will be easy to correct/optimize separately. Besides the code
now adheres much more closely to the User's manual classification (kernel 
level 0 / 1 / 2).

(Also includes the three-fold patch that Louis sent to the list (mesg 47).)

  Since everything looks fine and at least two (long standing) fatal bugs
were discovered and fixed in the meantime, there's no reason to hoard this
version, even though last update was done not too long ago. So, I'm making it
public now. If nothing bad happens within about two weeks, it will then
acquire BETA status (after possibly some Configure/documentation cleanup).



P.S: I'll be away till Wednesday, so don't expect any quick email answer...


Done for version 2.0.5.alpha (released 07/02/98):

  1- LOCAL_HIREMAINDER added twice more in mp.c (BH)
  2- some symbols declared extern in gp_rl.c to avoid compiler warnings. (LG)
  3- isprime could corrupt the stack (isprime_proto removed) (LG)
  4- possible redeclaration of macro from system header (MAX in bibli1.c) (LG)
  5- typos in the user's manual
  6- removed unused error numbers and fixed their ordering in mp.s
  7- a ; or : after read/extern was not always correctly taken into account.
  8- bug in polroots (SEGV in very rare cases) (Paul Zimmermann)

  1- (huge) reorganization of PARI kernel and headers (Louis Granboulan)
  2- logfile example in gprc.dft to take advantage of "time expansion"
  3- stark units module rewritten (Xavier Roblot)
  4- rnfpolredabs improved (Henri Cohen)
  5- errors now cause GP to close any file it was reading instead of going on
  6- increased the static limit for the number of files opened simultaneously

  1- function bnrrootnumber (XR)
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