J E Cremona on Wed, 21 Nov 2018 10:39:00 +0100

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some very slow mf* functions

If I create the cuspidal newspace of level 11025, weight 2 trivial character using Snew=mfinit([11025,2],0) , which has dimension 317, and then compute some Hecke matrices, they take an enormous amount of time:  several days for mfheckemat(Snew,29).  Why?

My own C++ modular symbols code can compute all Tp for p<100 in a few seconds, admittedly on the whole space (dimension 1684) not the newspace.

Overall the new mf* functionality is fantastically useful -- but some spaces take orders of magnitude longer than other apparently similar ones, and it would be nice to understand why.

Prof J E Cremona
Warwick Mathematics Institute
University of Warwick