Famille Raulin-Foissac on Wed, 03 May 2017 22:32:33 +0200

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PARI/GP for Windows running in 'Ubuntu for Windows' bash shell



Since Windows 10 Microsoft provides the beta capability to run unmodified Linux binaries directly under Windows (see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/about for more information and proper setup procedure) !


As proposed by Bill I just made a test, first with the “official” package from Ubuntu :

  sudo apt-get install pari-gp

will download and install version 2.7.5.

It seems to work pretty well and for the first time on Windows parallel GP provides the proper level of performance.


After complete recompilation of GMP 6.1.2 (which went without any issue) I was able to recompile GP version 2.9.2 :

  ./Configure --mt=pthread --time=ftime --with-gmp=/usr/local –static

  make all

  make dobench

  sudo make install


It works as well as the default binary, for example with the example taken from the documentation :


  thuemorse(n)= my(V=binary(n)); (-1)^n*sum(i=1,#V,V[i]);

  sum(n=1,2*10^6, thuemorse(n)/n*1.)

  time = 8,951 ms.

  %3 = -7.4801195232189908260166262151553579598

  parsum(N=1,20, sum(n=1+(N-1)*10^5, N*10^5, thuemorse(n)/n*1.))

  time = 2,476 ms.

  %4 = -7.4801195232189908260166262151553579820


It’s important to build and install a static version as the dynamic one is far slower.


For the issue with umlauts and diacritical signs could you give me a test procedure so that I can check the actual behavior ?