Bill Allombert on Fri, 21 Apr 2017 13:42:47 +0200

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Re: PARI/GP for Windows doesn't support umlauts and diacritical signs but it's possible

On Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at 11:39:00AM +0200, Jens Schmidt wrote:
> There is another related? effect with readline and colors in Windows
> (not only in Wine).
> To test this start clean PARI/GP without any preloaded defaults in a
> windows console:
>   gp -f
>   default(prompt, "gp >")
>   default(colors, brightfg)
>   default(readline, 0)
> The white prompt switches to yellow color and brightness on. Now type:
>   default(readline, 4)
> The prompt switches back to white color and brightness off. This
> should'nt happen.

This is a know issue. The default Windows terminal does not handle
ANSI color sequences, so we use a function win32_ansi_fputs()
in src/systems/mingw/mingw.c that parses the color code and sets the
terminal color using SetConsoleTextAttribute.

Unfortunately the prompt is printed directly by readline and we did
not find a way to have readline use win32_ansi_fputs() or set the
color correctly.

If you have a solution for this, please tell us.