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libpari: threads and argument passing

Hello PARI developers,
looking at the "PARI and threads" part of the libpari
manual suggests that the only way to pass an argument
to a PARI thread is if it is a GEN.

However it could be quite useful to be able to pass an
arbitrary void* as the pthread API allows. A void* is
guaranteed to be able to hold a pointer to any type, 
so passing a GEN is still possible, while a long* 
(what a GEN really is) is not guaranteed to be able to
hold a pointer to any type. This generally makes passing
a pointer to a custom structure and casting it to a GEN
risky business on architectures where it doesn't fit
(are there any?).

Is there some reason I'm not seeing as to why the
argument is restricted to a GEN type?

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