Bill Allombert on Mon, 26 Oct 2015 11:35:15 +0100

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Please test pari-2.7.5 prerelease 1

Dear PARI developers,

I have made a prerelease of PARI 2.7.5

Please test the prerelease tarball:
This release fixes some warnings generated by clang 3.7, and compatibility
issues with perl 5.20 when doing "make clean".

The expected release date is set to the 09/11/2015.

Also please test the 64bit windows installer:

I have also built the 32bit windows installer:

Below is the changelog:

    1- forprime engine could skip (fast) sieve in favour of (slow)
       nextprime [#1711]                                                 [F113]
    2- 0^[1] -> domain error                                     [#1713] [F114]
    3- memory leaks (clones) in ellchangecurve                   [#1716] [F115]
    4- zeta inaccurate around 0                                  [#1714] [F116]
    5- bnrrootnumber did not support the trivial character [0,..,0]      [F118]
    6- default(log,1) when logfile is write-protected later lead to SEGV [F119]
BA  7- 2-adic gamma function: fix accuracy loss                          [F120]
    8- A==A -> 0 for A a t_SER of huge accuracy (so that A-A overflows
       valuation)                                                [#1734] [F121]
XR  9- P=Pol([1,-2,12,-12,-181,-4,-6899,9780,6360,702,-45]);
       for(i=1,10000,setrand(i);nfdisc(P)) -> crash              [#1735] [F122]
   10- select(x->x,Vecsmall([1,2,3]),1) -> crash                 [#1737] [F123]
BA 11- [libpari] RgV_to_RgX_reverse did not work if v[1] or v[2] was 0   [F125]
   12- bnfinit could fail at low precision                       [#1736] [F126]
   13- Rg_to_ff: incorrect type in zk_to_ff                      [#1755] [F127]
BA 14- nfsubfields could fail                                    [#1758] [F128]
   15- rare SEGV in ArtinNumber                                  [#1759] [F129]

Thanks in advance for testing,