Jeroen Demeyer on Sat, 10 Oct 2015 10:35:00 +0200

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Jupyter kernel for PARI/GP

Hello pari-dev,

I have made a first version of a Jupyter kernel for PARI/GP. Jupyter originally started as IPython, providing a command-line and a web-based notebook interface to Python. But now it expanded and it supports many programming languages.

My pari_jupyter project can therefore be used as web-based notebook interface for PARI/GP. The code is hosted at
and you can download a tarball at
SageMath users can also get it at

It requires a git version of Cython and a git version of PARI. The latter is needed because of pari_sighandler() and gp_read_str_multiline().

* complete GP syntax thanks to gp_read_str_multiline()
* simple TAB-completion (it completes functions and members)
* shift-TAB shows short ?help tooltips
* interrupts work

Not done (yet):
* history
* long ??help
* breakloop
* syntax highlighting
* logo (do I have permission to use the official PARI/GP logo?)
* TAB-completion like in GP (hard since the GP TAB-completion is really hard-wired for readline)