Bill Allombert on Fri, 05 Sep 2014 15:52:13 +0200

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Please test pari-2.7.2 prerelease 1

Dear PARI developers,

I have made a prerelease of PARI 2.7.2

Please test the prerelease tarball:

Note that this release fixes some rounding error with the multiplication
and division of real numbers. Thus floating point computations can
return slightly different results than 2.7.1, but hopefully more accurate. 

The expected release date is set to the 19/09/2014

Below is the changelog:

Done for version 2.7.2 (released 19/09/2014):
[last column crossreferences current development release 2.8.0]

    1- gaffsg(0, t_PADIC): wrong valuation                                [F21]
    2- (t_INTMOD with word-sized modulus)^(huge negative power) [#1584]   [F24]
    3- (gp -p N) or (primelimit=N in gprc_ for N >= 436273290 resulted in an
       incorrect primetable. N.B. Such commands are now useless: needed primes
       are produced dynamically anyway.                                   [F25]
    4- monomial(exact zero, d, v) returned an invalid t_POL / t_RFRAC     [F26]
    5- contfracpnqn(v, n) returned partial quotients p[-1]/q[-1] ...
       p[n-1]/q[n-1], instead of the documented p[0]/q[0] ... p[n]/q[n]   [F27]
    6- factor((3+4*I)/25) -> factor 2+I had 0 exponent [#1586]            [F29]
BA  7- iferr() could crash if some component of the t_ERROR were clones.  [F31]
    8- nffactor() could overflow the stack when default accuracy too low  [F32]
BA  9- obsolete use of E=[a1,a2,a3,a4,a6] in ellmul crashed  [#1589]      [F33]
   10- incorrect rounding in mulrr/divrr for one-word precision reals     [F34]
BA 11- multiif did not handle correctly return() in conditions [#1590]    [F35]
   12- [0..5] -> [0,0,0,0,0] on some architectures                        [F36]
   13- is_gener_Fp could return wrong results                             [F37]
   14- Fq_sqrtn(t_INT,..,&zeta) could return a wrong root of 1            [F38]
   15- bnfinit: SEGV due to precision issues [#1592]                      [F39]
   16- zm_zc_mul only worked for square zm matrices                       [F40]
   17- genus2red(0,27*x^5+97*x^4+118*x^3+60*x^2+13*x+1,3) -> bug [#1596]  [F41]
   18- [ghelp] oo loop when $COLUMNS too small [#1594]                    [F42]
   19- genus2red(x,-x^6-3*x^4-10*x^2-1,3) -> impossible inverse [#1597]   [F43]
   20- factoru(1) returned a t_MAT instead of the expected "matsmall"     [F44]
   21- FpM_charpoly wrong in small characteristic [#1602]                 [F45]
   22- when compatible = 3; series() used a random precision              [F50]
   23- genus2red(0,6*x^6+5*x^4+x^2+1,7) -> impossible inverse [#1597]     [F51]
   24- isprime() could crash on large input [#1604]                       [F52]
   25- genus2red(x^3+1,1) -> type error [#1597]                           [F53]
   26- gphelp did not handle === correctly [#1603]                        [F54]

Thanks in advance for testing,