Charles Boyd on Wed, 10 Oct 2012 01:54:51 +0200

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Pari server/client program

Hello pari-dev,

I have taken some code from libparidroid and modified it to work as a
small Pari server that can communicate with a client process (i.e., an
interpreter) by passing messages over a Unix domain socket.

This is so far only a "proof of concept" prototype that I plan on
using to rebuild the backend library used in Paridroid such that the
IPC mechanism is completely generic and makes it simple to write a
small client application that binds to the process.

For example, an Android application could communicate to libpari over
a Unix domain socket by writing a simple Java client using the network
functionality provided by the API.

A native Linux application could be written just as easily.

This could also be easily modified to run a Pari server over a TCP
socket, but I am not sure this would be a good idea at least without a
very careful set of firewall rules and/or running it under a

If anybody is interested in taking a look at it or playing around with
the code, it is up on github: