Olivier Ramare on Wed, 14 Oct 2009 13:42:23 +0200

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emacs mode for gp

Dear all,

 I've updated gp-mode/gp-script-mode.
Release accessible at:


I still have to rewrite the history stuff --


Things done:
-- Modification of the prompt pattern to take care of break>.
-- Initial message explaining somewhat the levels of loading.
-- Enhanced the messages concerning lisp functions by adding more
-- Removed call to obsolete font-lock-unset-default in
-- Added a menu-item to get the prompt to display time in format (HH:MM:SS).
-- Face gp-error used in override mode.
-- font-lock-keywords-only set to t in gp-mode.
-- Removed gp-search-forward-string-delimiter in pari-fontification.el.
-- The character " in plots does not trigger string coloring in next
-- Parisize increased to 10000 in process Simple PARI (for the browser).
-- A menu-bar item has been added to toggle the timer.
-- The word "time = " for the timer gets a special colour.
-- The prompt is in bold face now.
-- Buffers linked with the browser are now invisible because
  their names gp-functions-list-buffer-name,
              gp-browser-buffer-name, gp-pari-simple-buffer-name
  now starts with a space.
-- Copyright extended to 2009 :)
-- Loading a file when last line is not empty does not lead to an error.
-- Prompt can be changed even if the last line contains something.
-- Global variables should be at beginning of line.
-- All words in ?11 except
  read readvec install
  are now colored in gp-control-statement.
-- Modified the regexp used in gp-find-global-var for speed
  (it could be so slow on long buffer that it stopped everything).