Lorenz Minder on Sat, 12 Sep 2009 10:23:31 +0200

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[PATCH] doc spelling fixes


I have run aspell over the PARI documentation to check for spelling
mistakes.  The below patch fixes them (along with a few other
minor things I spotted while doing this).

Rationale for the possibly controversial changes:

* s/behaviour/behavior/.  I did this because the PARI documentation seems
  to settle mostly for US english in virtually every other respect (e.g.,
  "factorization" is preferred over "factorisation").  I don't
  personally have a preference for either variant of english, but think
  the two should not be mixed.

* s/archimedean/Archimedean/.  The latter seems to be the way it's usually
  written.  (I didn't change "abelian" to "Abelian" since this appears
  to be some sort of exception.)

The patch is quite long, but should be thankfully easy to review.

BTW, the doc for centermodii() seems to be completely broken, I have no
idea what it intends to say.

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