Lorenz Minder on Thu, 10 Sep 2009 09:06:44 +0200

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Re: [PATCH] Dynamic Linking fixes for NetBSD/amd64


Bill Allombert wrote:
> Actually the fix is to change arch-osname to report x86_64-netbsd.
> Please try SVN revision at least 11897.

Thanks.  I can confirm that this revision works fine for me.

I have a small comment, though.  On FreeBSD, the arch is reported as
"amd64" as well.  (I don't have FreeBSD installed currently, but if you
go on their website and check any bug report reported from an amd64
user, you'll be able to see the "uname -a" string of such a machine.)

OpenBSD also reports it as amd64 apparently.

> > > > second patch makes it possible to specify additional DLLDFLAGS on the
> > > > command line to ./Configure.  This is useful because NetBSD's packages
> > > > are by default stored in /usr/pkg, and the dynamic linker does not know
> > > > about that location; so you want to supply an -rpath option to link
> > > > against GMP or readline (unless you compile those by hand as well).
> I also committed this part of the patch, though I am not sure it is 
> necessary for your purpose: when you do 'make install', the Makefile
> automatically add a rpath to gp for libpari.so, thought of course it might
> be different from the path for readline and gmp.

Yes, it is different for everyone who hand-compiles pari and hence
installs it to /usr/local.  Thanks for committing this, it's helpful.

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