Karim Belabas on Mon, 13 Mar 2006 09:26:25 +0100

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Re: Doc bug

* Justin C. Walker [2006-03-13 03:28]:
> Hi,
> A minor glitch in the doc:
> ?ellinit
> says that 'delta' is a component of the returned veector, while
> ? E.delta
>   ***   unknown member function: E.delta
> says "no".

The description wasn't meant to give the name of the member functions 
(e.g. e.e1, e.e2, e.e3 don't exist either).

But you are right that it is better to hint at the correct names
whenever possible (besides 'disc' is clearer than 'delta').

Done in CVS.



P.S: About the documentation: I was thinking of regrouping the functions
in chapter 3.5 (ell) and, more importantly, 3.6 (ell) according to a more
logical scheme than alphabetical order, e.g. in each section :

-- all init functions together (and coming first),

-- all functions related to elldata (resp. nfdata) together,
[ OK, nfdata doesn't exist publicly yet, but on my machine it does :-)]

-- more generally group functions by "common purpose" as on the reference card.

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