Bill Allombert on Sun, 27 Jun 2004 19:26:58 +0200

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gp2c-0.0.3pl1 released

Hello PARI-dev,

I have just released GP2C 0.0.3pl1.

GP2C is a tool to translate GP code to C code using libpari.

The main change in this release is that GP2C now avoid to generate
code that cast lvalues, like
(GEN) x[1] = gadd((GEN) x[1], y)
since this is not supported by ANSI C.
This was mostly fixed in 0.0.0pl8 already, but now the last case
(operators like +=,++,*=, etc.) is handled.
However this only work with the stable PARI releases (2.1.x). 
This will be fixed in 2.2.8 CVS in some days, but since that will
break previous GP2C version, I will give you a chance to update
gp2c before updating PARI.

0.0.3pl1 is the first stage of a move to make the description system
more comprehensive and make GP2C use it instead of hard-coded

I would like to conclude by mentionning that gp2c-run provides a
portable way to build PARI plug-ins (modules that can be install'ed).


 * Fix testsuite to accomodate error() change in 2.2.8.
 * Rewrite README.
 * Description system:
   - Fix the parser.
   - Add compat.desc to support 2.2.7 and newer release.
   - Add support for matching C type and modes.
   - Add _declaration, _typedef, and _proto to pari21.desc and compat.desc.
   - Avoid casting lvalue (ANSI C does not allow it).
 * use _declaration, _typedef, and _proto to handle C types instead of
   hardcoding in type.h
 * Fix gp2c-dbg script to use GP_PATH to find GP.