Phil Carmody on Thu, 24 Jun 2004 22:14:42 +0200

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factor: significant pointers are lost in gerepile !!! (please report)

bash-2.05b$ gp   
Reading GPRC: /home/phil/.gprc ...Done.

          GP/PARI CALCULATOR Version 2.2.8 (development CHANGES-1.954)
           i686 running linux (ix86/GMP-4.1.3 kernel) 32-bit version
               compiled: Jun 17 2004, gcc-3.3.3 (Debian 20040422)
                (readline v4.3 enabled, extended help available)

                       Copyright (C) 2003 The PARI Group

PARI/GP is free software, covered by the GNU General Public License, and 

Type ? for help, \q to quit.
Type ?12 for how to get moral (and possibly technical) support.

parisize = 4000000, primelimit = 500000
(22:11) gp > \p50000
   realprecision = 50004 significant digits (50000 digits displayed)
(22:11) gp > p=floor(Pi*10^21504);
(22:11) gp > factor(p,100000);
(22:11) gp > p=floor(Pi*10^21505);
(22:11) gp > factor(p,100000);
  *** factor: significant pointers are lost in gerepile !!! (please report)
(22:11) gp > 

The 21505 came from a binary chop, obviously. The 100000 makes little
difference except to the time it takes before it barfs - so set it to 2 if you


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In the Device Manager, disable the SbcpHid device.

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