Bill Allombert on Thu, 15 Jan 2004 12:32:05 +0100

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Re: desc system on cygwin

On Thu, Jan 15, 2004 at 03:07:57PM +0900, ?$BLZB<4` wrote:
> Hi all,
> I tried to build the latest pari-gp (from CVS source) on my cygwin 
> environment (Microsoft Windows XP). The compilation seems to be done 
> without any trouble, but once I invoked gp, I found I can't use almost 
> all functions.
> The problem is, in src/desc/PARI/ (line 46 from above), 
> 43  sub read
> 44  {
> 45
> 46          local $/="\n";
> 47          local *FILE;
> 48
> 49          my ($ret,$file,$check)=@_;
> 50          $check=0 if (!defined($check));
> input record separator $/ is assumed to be "\n", but on Cygwin, this is 
> "\r\n". This causes pari.desc file become empty, and everything goes bad.
> After modified this line, I could build good and sound gp.exe.

I am not sure I completly understand.

1) What program is messing with the file in the first place ? The
original file use \n as 'end of line' character. Does CVS convert it
to \r\n ?

2) Is it sufficient to remove the line `local $/="\n";' ?

3) Is there a better way to proceed ?

> The second problem is that, the problem I noticed avobe is not caught
> in a build process. When I try to update pari.desc by manually, the 
> following error message is raised:
> iwao@jeff ~/Lang/C/pari/src/desc$ make pari.desc
> perl merge_822 ../functions/*/*
> ../functions/conversions/List is not terminated at PARI/ line 93, <FILE> line 9.
> make: *** [pari.desc] Error 255

> I don't have any good idea to resolve such kind of environment 
> dependency (so there is no pach in this message, sorry), but hope this 
> helps somebody troubled by the same issue.

Thanks a lot for your message,