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Re: Mac OS X + PARI + FLTK

On Monday, November 10, 2003, at 11:49 PM, Justin C. Walker wrote:

On Sunday, November 9, 2003, at 09:05 PM, Justin C. Walker wrote:

A quick update:

On Friday, November 7, 2003, at 10:46 AM, Karim BELABAS wrote:


  I have ported gp hi-res graphics to the MacOS X platform, using the
lightweight fltk library (www.fltk.org). Provided, fltk is installed,
this is enabled by

    Configure --with-fltk

There are two problems:
I don't see run-away CPU activity when I execute the above (the CPU meter is pegged somewhere near the bottom), and I get a prompt back right away (independent of whether I terminate with a ';').

I spoke too soon on this one. While my first attempts did not show any extraneous CPU activity, at some point later, I did get a child process of gp taking off on its own. I will have to do a little more spade work to figure this out.

OK, a little searching through the archives helped here.

I believe (and will verify) that what you are trying to do is not possible on Mac OS X. Specifically, if you use any Mac OS X frameworks above the BSD level (such as, oh, say, Carbon), you have a problem using 'fork()' in the usual Unix style. The issue involves the Mach underpinnings of the system, and the reasons become deeply technical, but: the Mach components of a process (task) don't always play well with Unix-style operation, and in particular, forking can cause Mach resources to become unavailable. The upper layers assume they are available and therefore, we have a conflict. You can read about the details in the 'darwin-development' archives should you be interested (search for the thread "open fails in daemon" for one such discussion; others are in there too).

I will talk with the "pros from Dover" to see what can be reasonably done. Karim, if you can mail me off-list with a synopsis of what you did to port this support to Mac OS X, that will help (I see the code, of course, but since I have a history of "GUI rejection", the code won't necessarily tell all).



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