Bill Allombert on Sun, 14 Sep 2003 12:10:22 +0200

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Hello Pari-Dev,

ginv(Q) has a strange behaviour:
If Q is real, it reduce its output, but not if Q is imaginary.

Also qfbpowraw(Q,-1) is implemented as ginv(Q) which is not
correct if Q is real, because of the above.

It seems that PARI * and ^ operators allow operation on quadratic
forms but reduce them. I would personnaly prefer it does not reduce
them. Also l*Qfb(a,b,c)=Qfb(l*a,l*b,l*c) could be supported.

Lastly, is it possible to get the SL2 matrix involved in the equivalence
between two forms ? (I have written a GP script for that effect, but...)