Karim BELABAS on Sun, 16 Mar 2003 12:00:04 +0100 (MET)

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Re: Pari results...

On Sun, 16 Mar 2003, David Cleaver wrote:
> Thank you for all your help getting this to work.  Here are the 'make
> dobench' results for me (in case you wanna add it to the "machines"
> file):
> PentiumIV   1800MHz   WindowsXP   gcc-3.2   1384! -   2.2.5
> ! - install() didn't work

Thanks ! Which version of Cygwin was this ? 1.3.x ?

> So, since this was under the cygwin environment, does it not count as
> WinXP but as a *nix environment?  If so, I'll see if I can get it to run
> outside of the cygwin env.

Last time I did this (~2 years ago), I worked from the Odos directory (you can
still see the paths I left!), and used mingw (actually, a cross compiler). It
worked more or less, but a few things were broken.

I have appended the 'README' I wrote at the time (was part of README.WIN),
before deciding that the cygwin.dll would be the only usable solution in
practice,and removing the whole thing.

> Actually, I'm going to try to do this anyway so that one or two more people
> can use it on windows w/o installing cygwin.

Well, "installing Cygwin" means nothing more than copying cygwinxxx.dll (~1MB?)
alongside gp-sta.exe. That shouldn't prevent anyone from using the binary you
compiled !



%%%%%%%%%%%%%  Solution 2: The native (mingw) binary %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

Fetch the GP binary (cross-compiled using the gcc-mingw compiler):

(includes readline line-editing, history, keyword completion, facilities)


(doesn't include readline).

  * no hi-res plots, most graphics commands disabled (you can still output to
    a PostScript file)

  * doesn't work well when started in a console from a MS-DOS shell:
      - on ^C gp quits
      - redirecting standard input as in 'gp < file' crashes gp

    SOLUTION: None of these things occur if you start gp by double-clicking
    on its icon, as is customary for Windows application. ^C still doesn't
    always interrupt computations, but at least it doesn't kill gp.

  * colors don't work (escape sequences printed "as is").

  * no extended on-line help

  * [readline binary only]: the AltGr key doesn't work. If you have a US
    keyboard, you don't care. But if you have, e.g a French keyboard, you
    won't be able to produce {}, [], \, ...

      create an INPUTRC file for readline (cf user's manual or readline
      manual). E.g add a line

      set INPUTRC=C:\INPUTRC.txt  (for instance).

    to your AUTOEXEC.BAT. Then create this file, and add lines of the form

    "\M-\\": "\\"   (\M stands for ALT or META, \C for CONTROL)
    "\M-\[": "["

    etc... This binds (for readline purposes only, doesn't affect regular
    Windows operations) the key sequence on the LHS, to some "meaning" on the
    RHS, here an ordinary character. E.g inserting a line

    "a": "b"

    will cause GP to insert a "b" when you type an "a". Depending on your
    precise keyboard layout, you may have to fiddle a bit with the keyseq and
    replacement text before getting something sensible.

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