Igor Schein on Wed, 25 Sep 2002 13:15:07 -0400

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Configure enhancements


I think there should be a provision in Configure to choose 32-
or 64-bit target, if the platform allows.  Here's a summary for dual

1) Solaris@sparc cc - need to specify -xarch=v9
2) Solaris@sparc gcc - starting with version 3.1 supports dual target - need
to specify -m64
3) HPUX@hppa cc - need to specify +DA2.0w
4) HPUX@hppa gcc - doesn't support dual target, so autodetection works

I don't have access to IRIX anymore, but as of 4+ years ago, one needed
to use -64 for 64bit, -n32 for 32bit.