Michael Somos on Tue, 3 Sep 2002 18:24:17 -0400

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gp: besselj(nu,x) feature?


     I think there is a mismatch between the help message and the output:

? besselj(1,x+O(x^3))
%1 = 1 - 1/8*x^2 + O(x^3)
? besselj(2,x+O(x^3))
%2 = 1 - 1/12*x^2 + O(x^3)
? ?besselj
besselj(nu,x): J-bessel function of index nu and argument x.

? \v
          GP/PARI CALCULATOR Version 2.2.4 (development CHANGES-1.491)
                i686 running linux (ix86 kernel) 32-bit version
              (readline v4.2 enabled, extended help not available)

The J_1(x) needs the x/2 factor and J_2(x) needs the x^2/8 factor.
Perhaps this was not intended? Shalom, Michael