Bill Allombert on Sat, 22 Jun 2002 16:20:30 +0200

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GP2C branch alpha-0-0-1-newparser

Hello PARI developers,

I commited my new GP2C parser to a new branch in the GP2C CVS.
The main purpose of this new parser is to parse 'automatic concatenation'
correctly.  It also recognize '.' as 0. when it should.
Automatic concatenantion is what make print("x="x) valid.

You can switch your gp2c tree to this branch with
cvs update -r alpha-0-0-1-newparser

Alternatively you can retrieve this branch in a new dir with
cvs checkout -r alpha-0-0-1-newparser gp2c

The main bug of the new parser is that it does not report parse error and
non-error correctly, which is annoying.  It can even skip token that cause
error without really complaining...

echo "print(3]a)" | ./gp2c
The ']' has been skipped...

I would like someone to test the corner case of automatic concatenation to
see if GP2C and GP 2.2.4 agree.