Bill Allombert on Wed, 19 Jun 2002 14:24:15 +0200

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NTL/GMP support in GP

Hello developers,

I am planning to add optionnal NTL/GMP support under GP.
The current state of the work is available at

This support consists currently of a C++ file ntlpari.c, and a GP file
This is meant to work with NTL compiled with full GMP support. NTL and GMP
need to be install'ed.

What need to be done ?

1) Add a --with-ntl option to Configure
2) If --with-ntl, change makefiles so that it
2.1) compile ntlpari.c with g++ as ntlpari.o
2.2) link gp with ntlpari.o and -lgmp -lntl , with *g++*, not gcc.
3) load in GP at startup.

Step 4 can be replaced by adding new functions to GP directly without resorting
to install(), but there is no easy way to do it currently.

NOTE 1: for other compilers than gcc, I do not what to do, I am not even sure
that NTL/GMP or ntlpari.c will compile.

It is easy to add GMP interface to ntlpari (in fact it is already here). However
it will not be transparent at all.