Karim BELABAS on Thu, 13 Jun 2002 01:28:54 +0200 (MEST)

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traffic increase + unsubscribe


  just received a couple of unsubscription requests, and I thought I'd make a
few important points about this mailing list:

* The pari lists are automated and managed by EZMLM. A (non-technical)
online FAQ/manual for EZMLM can be found, e.g. at


and presumably at many other places (I asked google).

* Neither I, nor pari@math.u-bordeaux.fr (which is also me) can unsubscribe
anybody from the list. You need to send an email to


from the same email address you used when you subscribed (if that account is
not available to you anymore, see the FAQ, it is quite detailed).

* _IF_ pari-dev is set up in the proper way [ not sure whether it is the case
yet, I just asked the list owner to make that change in any case ], there is
a way to receive this list in digest form (at regular intervals, receive a
single message containing all messages from the given period). Sending an
empty email to


will do the trick [ possibly not yet ]. You still have to unsubscribe from
pari-dev itself (otherwise you will receive both the digest and the regular

* We do not mean to scare everybody away. The whole point is to try and
decide other people to participate [ and to a lesser extent, to have
everything discussed in the open where everybody can see it, and later find
it using search engines, instead of my answering 5 times to the same
(legitimate) queries, only to start again 6 months later ].

If the current threads bore you, by all means speak up about the things you'd
like to see mentioned here. Try and start a thread ! Personally, I'd rather
discuss math rather than compatibility interfaces, or embarassing typos in
C code.

This list is yours, too bad if you decide to leave us anyway,


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