Igor Schein on Tue, 14 Aug 2001 18:36:04 -0400

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64bit pari on Solaris


during the slow summer such as now I decided to bring up the following
question.  Currently, 32bit gp is limited to 2GB of stack, which is
not enough for some of my applications.  Karim said on 17.03.2000 in a
private email that he thinks it's difficult to expand beyond this
limit with 32bit binary.  So question no. 1, can anyone offer his
thoughts on this subject? 

Now, the only 64bit platform I have with sufficient memory is Sun
Sparc.  I can compile on Solaris with Sun Forte and get a 64bit binary 
which is about half a speed of a gcc-compiled 32bit binary.  I can
also compile 64bit binary with gcc-3.1, but only for generic kernel.
src/kernel/sparcv9/README file says "to be completed".   My guess is
it's probably not gonna happen in the near future.

Wait, I just remembered I also have HPUX 11.x machines with 9GB of
RAM.  I need to figure out though how to build a 64bit gp there.  If
any1 have done it before, I'd appreciate pointers.

Anyway, just thought these 2 topics might interest people here.