Systeme PARI on Mon, 30 Apr 2001 18:23:13 +0200 (MET DST)

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pari-2.1.1 released

Dear PARI lover,
  this message is to announce the release of version 2.1.1 of the PARI/GP
system. The new release can be downloaded from

DOS/Windows binaries will be available shortly.

This is a BUGFIX release for the stable version 2.1.0 and corrects a
number of minor annoyances [configuration problems, compiler bugs, various
errors] as well as the following major bugs [session killer, wrong results]:

1) when setting the 'lines' default to a non-zero value, any error (such
as ^C) could upset the output driver, eventually wrecking the GP session.

2) nfgaloisconj() could give bogus results due to precision problems

3) when factoring (very) large polynomials over Q[X] using a variant of van
Hoeij's algorithm, some factors could be silently forgotten

Have fun,

  The PARI group.

P.S: The complete Changelog:
Done for version 2.1.1 (released 30/04/2001):
[last columns crossreferences the current development release 2.2]

    1- return() could forget objects on heap                            [F2]
    2- polhensellift(x^3+x^2+2,[x^2,x+1],2) --> pols not coprime        [F3]
    3- Configure missed some shared libraries [e.g RedHat 7.0]          [F4]
    4- requests for precision of bnfinit(x) [ = Q ] could yield SEGV    [F6]
    5- compatible = 3 not taken into account when reading a file        [F7]
    6- lines > 0: output driver didn't reset properly after user output [F9]
    7- nfdisc(x^5+2*x^4+3*x^3-3*x^2+122*x-1) --> impossible inverse     [F10]
    8- bug in gcc-2.95: SEGV on Linux (quicksqri)                       [F11]
    9- addrfrac: could return a t_RFRAC whose denominator wasn't a t_POL[F12]
   10- bnfcertify (zimmertbound): off by two error when reading bound   [F13]
BA 11- pbs in Fp_factor_irred (factoring over Fq a pol. defined over Fp)[F25]
   12- typo in quadhilbertimag (SEGV for very large discriminants)      [F28]
BA 13- isprime(n < 2, 2 or 3) gave wrong result                         [F31]
BA 14- nfgaloisconj(polcyclo(11)+1)--> oo loop                          [F35]
       nfgaloisconj(polcyclo(40))-->incorrect result
IS 15- typo in squfof tuning on 64bit machines                          [F36]
   16- van Hoeij's algorithm (factor(Z[X])): wrong bound in LLL_cmbf    [F41]
   17- rare SEGV in nfdisc                                              [F44]
   18- rare problem in isprincipal (large non Galois base field)        [F56]
       --> wrong result (generators not required) or infinite loop.
   19- build failed with readline-4.2                                   [F57] 

    1- DOS distribution archives (GPM removed)                          [C1]
XR  2- try more prime ideals in nfsqff [nffactor, modular part]         [C4]
    3- renamed library function gsize() to sizedigit() [pb with gtk]    [C10]
IK  4- let lisGEN() return NULL when EOF is met (was oo loop)           [C12]
    5- install the whole distribution (see ?12) + improved Configure    [C17]

    1- README.WIN, config/[arch-osname|locatesymbol], doc/tex2mail.1    [A1]