GP Keyboard Shortcuts

{f}=optional filename. {n}=optional integer
# enable/disable timer
## print time for last result
\\ comment up to end of line
\a {n} print result in raw format (readable by PARI)
\B {n} print result in beautified format
\c list all commands (same effect as ?*)
\d print all defaults
\e {n} enable/disable echo (set echo=n)
\g {n} set debugging level
\gf{n} set file debugging level
\gm{n} set memory debugging level
\h {m-n}hashtable information
\l {f} enable/disable logfile (set logfile=f)
\m {n} print result in prettymatrix format
\o {n} set output method (0=raw, 1=prettymatrix, 2=prettyprint, 3=2-dim)
\p {n} change real precision
\pb{n} change real bit precision
\ps{n} change series precision
\q quit completely this GP session
\r {f} read in a file
\s print stack information
\t print the list of PARI types
\u print the list of user-defined functions
\um print the list of user-defined member functions
\uv print the list of user-defined variables, excluding closures
\v print current version of GP
\w {nf} write to a file
\x {n} print complete inner structure of result
\y {n} disable/enable automatic simplification (set simplify=n)