Jack Fearnley on Fri, 13 Aug 1999 00:15:18 -0400

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readline in Caldera OpenLinux 2.2

I have just installed Pari 2.0.16 on my Caldera Linux system.  The
installation went very smoothly which was lucky because I am not an
experienced Linux user.

Unfortunately, it installed gp without readline enabled.  I use gp daily
under Unix and under Dos so I have come to depend heavily on the
functionality of readline.

I just tried to reinstall with a link to my readline placed in my Pari
directory but it made no difference.

I have The Pari package in
and readline as
I placed a link to libreadline.so.3.0 in
/home/jack/source/pari/pari-2.0.16.beta and called it simply 'readline'.

gp was installed in /usr/local/bin  

Am I putting the link to readline in the right place?
Should I be compiling it?  If so, how?

I would really appreciate some guidance on this.

Best Regards,
		Jack Fearnley