Roland Dreier on Tue, 27 Oct 1998 10:15:13 -0600 (CST)

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Large input to gp

I have the output of a gp program which produced a polynomial of degree
3425 (!?) over F_5.  The program took a while to run, and I'd like to be
able to just read the polynomial into gp and continue working.  But just
feeding the output back in results in:

parisize = 40000000, primelimit = 500000, buffersize = 30000
? res=Mod(1, 5)*sss1^3425 + Mod(4, 5)*sss1^3422 +
[lots and lots and lots deleted here]
+ Mod(1, 5)*sss1 + Mod(3, 5)

  ***   the PARI stack overflows !!!

  ***   Warning: doubling stack size; new stack = 80000000.
  ***   not enough memory

What should I do here?

30 days until I'm in Rome.  Yum!
306 days until Ironman Canada 1999.  uh-oh.