Gerhard Niklasch on Tue, 14 Jul 1998 13:58:05 +0200 (MET DST)

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WWW and FTP site outage

Dear PARI lovers,

I just received a `reminder' (the first ever I hear of it) that due
to maintenance work, the electric power supply to our department will
be switched off completely for some time on Sunday 19 July.  Our network
administrators in their infinite wisdom seem to have decided to take
the Ethernet down already on Friday afternoon, 5pm CEST, rendering us
incommunicado for at least 72 hours.

==> will be inaccessible during the outage.

==> The FTP mirror at will
    be equally inaccessible.  (One and the same machine)

==> mail sent during the weekend in my direction, via the lists or
    otherwise, will create Mailer Daemon warnings at best.  At worst,
    it will bounce with `no such host or domain' or worse, since all
    the name servers for our domain would be included in the outage.
    If people send sufficiently many messages to the list, I  (and
    thus the web archive)  might even inadvertently get unsubscribed...

What is worse is that I intended to be away from Friday noon until
Wednesday morning, and haven't yet been able to make arrangements for
a clean and supervised restart in my absence.

Irately, Gerhard (PARI's webwizard)