Charles Greathouse on Sat, 20 Oct 2012 00:01:07 +0200

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Bench fails, no diff files

I downloaded the latest version of pari from git and configured and
built it, which went fine. But when I ran the bench I got

Making bench in Olinux-x86_64
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/charles/mth/git-pari/Olinux-x86_64'
rm -f gp-sta
/usr/bin/gcc  -o gp-sta -O3 -Wall -fno-strict-aliasing
-fomit-frame-pointer    -Wl,--export-dynamic  mpker.o mpinl.o
alglin1.o alglin2.o alglin3.o arith1.o arith2.o base1.o base2.o
base3.o base4.o base5.o bb_group.o bibli1.o bibli2.o bit.o buch1.o
buch2.o buch3.o buch4.o concat.o ellanal.o elliptic.o F2x.o F2xqE.o
FF.o Flx.o FlxqE.o FpE.o FpV.o FpX.o galconj.o gen1.o gen2.o gen3.o
Hensel.o hnf_snf.o ifactor1.o lll.o nffactor.o perm.o polarit1.o
polarit2.o polarit3.o prime.o Qfb.o QX_factor.o random.o RgV.o RgX.o
rootpol.o subcyclo.o subgroup.o trans1.o trans2.o trans3.o ZV.o ZX.o
anal.o compat.o compile.o default.o es.o eval.o hash.o init.o intnum.o
members.o paricfg.o pariinl.o parse.o sumiter.o aprcl.o DedekZeta.o
elldata.o ellsea.o galois.o galpol.o groupid.o krasner.o kummer.o
mpqs.o part.o stark.o subfield.o thue.o gp.o gp_init.o gp_rl.o
highlvl.o whatnow.o plotX.o plotport.o
-L/usr/local/lib -lreadline -lX11  -ldl -L/usr/local/lib -lgmp -lrt
build gp.exe first
make[1]: *** [bench] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/charles/mth/git-pari/Olinux-x86_64'
make: *** [bench] Error 2

I looked in Olinux-x86_64 but did not see any diff files. What is
going wrong here?

Charles Greathouse
Case Western Reserve University