Manolo on Mon, 10 Sep 2012 18:18:48 +0200

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Re: Cleaning the pari-stack

2012/9/10 Karim Belabas <>:

> Beware that an even greater concern is to use strong pseudo-random number
> generators. (Ours, based on Brent's XORGEN, are definitely not suitable
> for key or nonce generation.)

Yes, I know ;-) This was my first aware. I've builded my own
randomInt(n:int) function, that harvests entropy from /dev/urandom.

Thanks anyway for the tip.

> I'd use simply
> void
> burn_paristack() { bzero((void*)bot, avma - bot); }
> (untested:-) to simply clear up the unused part of the stack.

Nice! It could even be implemented as a macro! Thank you!

(But the size variable (avma-bot) gives the size of stack in "long"
type words, isn't it? It should be multiply by "sizeof(pari_sp)" or
"sizeof(long)", I guess.)

Thanks a lot!

Manuel Pancorbo Castro