Karim Belabas on Thu, 26 Jan 2012 21:20:00 +0100

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Re: pariemacs does not start gp process

* Christian Hoffmann [2012-01-26 18:05]:
> 1. gp will not start in Aquamacs. I did (from the README)
> "To use PARIEMACS, users should add the following line to their
> .emacs ( which should be on the Mac:
>     "/Users/hoffmann/Library/Preferences/Aquamacs Emacs/Preferences.el")
> (autoload 'gp-mode "pari" nil t)
> (autoload 'gp-script-mode "pari" nil t)
> (autoload 'gp "pari" nil t)
> (autoload 'gpman "pari" nil t)
> BUT doing "M-x gp" in an Aquamacs buffer will NOT START a new buffer
> whith gp running.

I cannot help with that. You should try to contact the PariEmacs
maintainer Olivier Ramare (AT math.univ-lille1.fr).

> 2. The compilation of the .tex files is FAILING ever so often with
> ! AmS-TeX error: Use \bf only in text.
> \err@ #1->\errmessage {AmS-TeX error: #1}

Apparently, your version of 'tex' defaults to AMS-TeX, which is wrong:
AMS-TeX will not compile our documentation, you must use Plain TeX.

1) What message does 'tex' produce in a terminal ?

2) Maybe 'pdftex' will work better ? You can try 'make docpdf'.

3) If the documentation can't be compiled due to a non-standard
installation, you can still download the PDF files from 


Good luck !

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