Christian Hoffmann on Tue, 24 Jan 2012 18:43:15 +0100

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pariemacs does not start gp, was: make gp succeeds but gp will not start

I am soory to bother the group, but there may be a simple answer to my problems
[Am 19.01.12 22:34, schrieb Bill Allombert:]

I did, namely 'sudo make install' (clip), and I have
    '/Applications/pari-2.5.0/Odarwin-i386/paricfg.h' and
My gp sits in /usr/local/bin as 'gp@ -> gp-2.5 cd '

Still unsolved problems:
3. The compilation of the tex- files is FAILING ever so often with
! AmS-TeX error: Use \bf only in text.
\err@ #1->\errmessage {AmS-TeX error: #1}

4. gp will not start in Aquamacs. I did (from the README)
"To use PARIEMACS, users should add the following line to their .emacs ( which should be on the Mac:
   "/Users/hoffmann/Library/Preferences/Aquamacs Emacs/Preferences.el")

(autoload 'gp-mode "pari" nil t)
(autoload 'gp-script-mode "pari" nil t)
(autoload 'gp "pari" nil t)
(autoload 'gpman "pari" nil t)
I copied the files
  /Applications/pariemacs-3.03/*.el  to
  /Users/hoffmann/Library/Preferences/Aquamacs Emacs/*.el

BUT doing "M-x gp" in an Aquamacs buffer will NOT START a new buffer whith gp running.

Thanks for assisting me in getting gp running in Aquamacs.


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