Daniel Allcock on Wed, 14 Dec 2011 00:59:16 +0100

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Re: Mac OS X Lion

Dear Christian,

The developers are doing us a great service already, and I don't think it's their job to repackage the software every time Apple decides to break things.  Thank you, developers!

That said, I just installed on Lion and it went pretty smoothly.  Here is what I did; maybe it will work for you.  Sorry I don't have actual command lines here; I didn't record them.

1. Installed macports (package management software).   Among other things this adds a few lines to your shell startup file (.csh? or .bash_profile) modifying your path, so start a new shell after installing.  The basic way you install something say foo is "sudo port install foo".
2. Used it to install gcc 4.5.  In the process it installed gmp, which we'll need for pari.
2.5 Also installed gcc_select and ran it; it lists the available gcc's and you choose the one you just installed.  This sets things up so command line gcc finds the right compiler.
3. Used macports to install readline, which goes into /opt/local (I think macports sends everything into /opt/local)
4. downloaded stable pari distribution
5. ran configure using the --with-readline=/opt/local flag since pari's configure script didn't seem to find the newly installed readline lib and was using the broken apple readline.
6. make all; make bench; make test-all
7. sudo make install
8. gp works at the command line now.

best regards,

On Dec 14, 2011, at 12:50 AM, Christian Hoffmann wrote:

> Because of severe difficulties when trying to compile the Pari sources I am eagerly awaiting a
> compiled parigp.dmg or parigp.pkg.
> How can the developer group be made to commit an answer to thhis question?
> Cheers
> C.
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